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GPS tracker using cellphone – There are many GPS applications that can be uploaded into a cellphone so that you can keep yourself informed about the location of your dear ones and ensure their safety. Many people also use these devices as pet trackers to find out the location of their pets.:

• Industrial applications – These devices can be used for regulating the various tasks taking place in industries. This way the pickup and delivery time, processing time, time consumed in client visits, etc. can be minimized.:

Government offices – Government agencies from which an immediate response is expected, like police, fire, search and rescue agencies can use these devices to reach their destinations faster. Military services use these systems to guide bombs, missiles and rockets to the target.:

Route tracker – Many people who often travel to various places within and out of the country can use these devices to reach their destination well in time and safe. Mountain bikers, hunters, cross country skiers, pilots, boaters and hikers also use it to track the various routes to their destination.:

Agricultural applications – The modern farmers are using these devices to work out exactness in their agriculture. Using these, the farmers can easily reduce extra overlaps and skips while spraying fertilizers and cultivating the land. They can also find the various cultivated fields and soil sampling sites.: